The table is often compared to No Good Gofers by Williams and features a Caddyshack type theme.[1] An animatronic gopher named Gunther[2]shrug shoulders in synch with voice during game play and sometimes during attract mode at the top of the backbox and mocks the player.[3]

The game has a hole in one shot at the top,[4] a roulette wheel toy,[1] 3 flippers, 1 pop bumper, 2 vertical upkickers, 3 slingshots, 2 kick-out holes, 2 bullseye targets, 1 four-bank drop target, 1 captive ball and 1 captive ball spinner below center of playfield.[3]

The main objective of the table is to complete all 9 holes in right order.[2] The game includes a pitch and putt mini playfield and mini-games like find-the-gopher.[5] After all holes are lit an award is given depending on how many times all holes have been completed. The game has 5 modes that are started by shooting the volcano when lit. Completing all modes lights the big score target.[6]

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Gottlieb Teed Off Pinball Machine

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